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Important  Days During the Legislative Session

January 12, 2015, marked the first day of the 2015 Georgia Legislative Session. The General Assembly, consisting of 180 Georgia Representatives and 56 Georgia Senators, gathers inside the gold dome of the Georgia State Capitol in Atlanta. These legislators will work vigorously to go over the 2015/16 state budgets, discuss proposed bills and resolutions and keep our state in the best shape possible. Each session lasts 40 days, but, keep in mind, that doesn't mean 40 consecutive days. Each day the General Assembly convenes, a day is officially notched in the calendar, but the two houses can remain in recess for several days or even a week at a time. Theoretically, those 40 days could stretch for five months and run all the way to May.

Sine Die - This is the very last day of session. "Sine Die" is Latin for "without day." In this context it means that a day for a further meeting will not be declared.  By declaring Sine Die, the General Assembly is being adjourned indefinitely causing the 40-day legislative session to officially come to an end. 

To find more events and the happenings of the Capitol, be sure to look at the calendar of events. You can also keep up with what's going on during the session with live broadcasts from the House, the Senate or both chambers at the same time.

House and Senate Prefiled legislation for 2015 Legislative Session

·  HB 3 - Education; programs; person solicit transaction with student-athlete; provide sanctions

·  HB 6 - Georgia Student Finance Commission; provide weighted grade point averages in excess of 4.0 for purposes of determining eligibility for HOPE; authorize

·  HB 7 - Child Safety and Emergency Preparedness Act; enact

·  HB 16 - Education; no high school which receives funding from Quality Basic Education Act shall participate in or sponsor interscholastic sports events unless students enrolled in magnet schools can participate under certain conditions; provide

·  HB 17 - Hidden Predator Act; enact

·  HB 22 - HOPE; grants cover full cost of tuition; provide

·  HB 23 - HOPE; eligibility requirements; eliminate seven-year limitation from student's graduation from high school

·  HB 24 - HOPE; eligibility as a Zell Miller Scholarship Scholar for students who do not qualify as freshmen; provide

·  HB 25 - HOPE; Zell Miller Grant Scholars; provide that spouses and dependent children of military service members and veterans are eligible

·  SB 7 - Crimes and Offenses: children who have been sexually exploited; make provisions; create Safe Harbor for Sexually Exploited Children Fund Commission (PF)

·  SR 7 - Safe Harbor for Sexually Exploited Children Fund; provide that General Assembly by law may impose additional penalties or fees for the offenses- CA (PF)

Georgia PTA Public Policy and Legislative Agenda for 2015

Georgia PTA serves to strengthen our collective voices to engage and empower families and communities to advocate on a broad range of state public policy issues that affect the lives of children. The Georgia PTA Board of Directors adopted the 2015 legislative agenda based on critical policy issues surveyed by the Georgia PTA membership. Georgia PTA agenda includes: legislative advocacy in the general assembly, executive and regulatory advocacy with administration and officials of state agencies, and legal advocacy through participation in state courts.To read 2015 Georgia PTA Public Policy, click: Georgia PTA Legislative Priorities

Save the Date: Georgia PTA Student Advocacy Day

Tuesday, february 5th, 2015 is Georgia PTA's Student Advocacy Day. This day is an opportunity for Georgia students to join Georgia PTA to learn about our legislation process and discuss important topics affecting their education and community. More information will be provided soon.


Save the Date: Georgia PTA Day at the Capitol 

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015 is Georgia PTA Day at the Capitol! This day is an opportunity for PTA leaders and members to join other advocates at Georgia State Capitol to speak with elected officials to advocate our legislative priorities for the children and families of Georgia. In addition, this will be an important opportunity to invite your legislator to the luncheon in appreciation for their hard work and commitment to our issues.  More information will be provided.